Allplan Software

The new way of BIM

  • Allplan 2017 offers unique coordination capabilities in conjunction with the bim + platform, which is cloud-based and works under universal cooperation principle Open BIM.
  • Allplan is fully integrated with other systems through multiple interfaces (Data exchange formats).
  • With bim+ collision manager project participants have the ability to detect nefarious situations or design errors directly on the platform.
  • Allplan has an optimized design structure, making the exchange of projects very fast. The ability to copy the necessary files and meta data to corporate servers provides a high level of data loss resistance due to user equipment defects.

The new way of Modelling

  • The Allplan Parasolid Modeling Kernel integrated in Allplan gives you greater freedom in shape creation and increases accuracy and efficiency.
  • 3D elements can be easily and precisely modified without prior polygonization, and can be transformed into user-defined architectural elements of any shape.
  • With its modeling and project creation capabilities, Allplan is a unique and highly automated tool.
  • Each change is carried out automatically at each location, avoiding design errors and saving time.
  • With Allplan you can create realistic 3D visualizations using Real Time Rendering. The high quality is obtained with the CineRender engine from CINEMA 4D.

The new way of Structural Design

  • The ease and the fast workflow of the design process allow Allplan to become a leader in the structural design.
  • Creating of a 3D reinforcement is extremely easy, so you can get fairness and clarity when designing.
  • Additional benefits is the ability to create complete or partial schemes by a single click.
  • Reinforcement legends can also be created by a single click, and with each modification of reinforcement elements the changes will be performed and shown in the reinforcement table automatically.
  • Allplan assists in the preparation of technical documentation, taking into account the specific requirements of construction documentation. Presentation of the documentation is at the highest level and can be easily adapted to every user.
  • New features of Allplan 2017 allow to reinforce elements with complicated geometry in a few clicks.
  • Allplan Collision Manager can detect possible collisions at every stage of the design process.
  • Additionally, you can improve your performance and avoid design delays with automated workflows thanks to the Python API. The creation of parametric objects as a PythonParts, including 3D reinforcement, is possible now.