About us

About us

BIM Educational Platform is an independent platform for communication and education that offers integrated solutions for BIM. Providing integrated solutions means we offer simple and transparent solutions, including support, training and consulting. BIM Educational Platform offers you comprehensive services:

  • Consultancy & Implementation Services
    A team of professionals with many years of practical experience, in collaboration with the academic community, offers a variety of advisory services when implementing BIM solutions.
  • Educational Services 
    Certified specialists conduct training on “Automation in Design od Structures” and “BIM in Practice” through the use of appropriate programs. We offer the opportunity to participate in workshops and trainings organized by us.
  • Educational Services Online
    We offer the opportunity to participate in webinars in Polish and English. On the BIM educational platform you have an access to videos demonstrating capabilities of the Software, educational videos, manuals and other educational materials.
  • BIM for Students
    Students have the opportunity to participate in workshops, after which they receive certificates that can be considered as an additional asset when applying for employment.

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