Allplan at Warsaw University of Technology

Allplan at Warsaw University of Technology

2016-10-01 - 2017-03-01 All day

As a first time the Elective Course: “Implementation of BIM in Design of Structures” was introduced  for polish students at Warsaw University of Technology. The course is fully based on Allplan Software.

The course is provided by certified in Allplan GmbH trainer, PhD candidate at WUT, Kostiantyn Protchenko and dedicated for students of the 4th year in Polish and English.

Basing on the course the competition on the best project was organised. By the decision of the comitee the winners were defined and receive the prizes from the software producer.

Upon completion of the course students received certificates, confirming their knowledge of the software.

Students are welcomed to participate in the next edition of the course, which starts from October, 2017.